All Leaderful Institute programs share a common philosophy and methodology. Each program consists of a combination of readings, discussion, reflection, and action learning projects. The primary text is Creating Leaderful Organizations with supplementary readings selected for each session. Raeflection assignments and projects provide opportunities to learn from oneís own experience and to test the applicability of new learnings.

Consulting pathway:
Leaderful practice is most powerfully used to increase the collective leadership capability of a work team. Leaderful consulting consists of introducing all of the members of a work team to leaderful practice and having them apply their learnings to their shared endeavor. Leaderful consulting assists not only with the current work, but with increasing the teamís ability to create and sustain adaptive change in the future.

The Susan Vogt Leadership Fellows Program:
The Susan Vogt Leadership Fellows Program honors the remarkable work and spirit of Susan Vogt, Vice President of Finance and Treasurer at Wellesley College from 2000 to 2003. The Fellowship carries on her legacy by connecting, developing, and supporting emerging leaders within the schools of The Boston Consortium. The Fellowship seeks to increase awareness of the Consortium's values and activities at the grassroots level, connect and engage practitioners in meaningful projects, and foster collaboration and camaraderie in the next generation of leaders. Vogt Fellows have extraordinary opportunities for development and networking. They have the opportunity to grow their leadership, facilitation, and reflection skills through self-assessment, development opportunities, and a collaborative final project. The Fellows participate in a TBC leaderful series, facilitated by Joe Raelin, The Asa Knowles Chair of Practice-Oriented Education at Northeastern University.

There may be members in the TBC community who would like to initiate a disciplined-based year-long leaderful program focused on a specific function or level within the organizations with all of the same program components.